Step 1: Blend a light brown eyeshadow into the outer part of your crease (‘Latte’ by Makeup Geek).
Step 2: Apply a light, glittery creme eyeshadow all over your eyelid (‘Let’s Skate’ by MAC).
Step 3: Next take a lilac-colored eyeshadow (’46 Flirty Lilac’ by Estée Lauder and blend it into the inner part of your crease.
Step 4: Now apply a darker purple eyeshadow to the inner and outer part of your lid (’09 – Amethyst Spark’ by Estée Lauder).
Step 5: Dab a silver, shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your eyelid (‘Verve’ by Urban Decay).
Step 6: Repeat the same color scheme on your lower lash line: Apply the dark purple color to the inner and outer corners, the silver eyeshadow on the center and blend everything out using the light purple color we used in the beginning.
Also take a dark purple kajal and apply it on the inner and outer third of your waterline.
Step 7: Lastly coat your lashes using a black mascara (Maybelline ‘False Lash Effect’ Mascara).
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