When the multimillionaire Dennis Tito travelled to space in order to spend his vacation on the ISS, the general public realized that space travel might become a normal thing in the future. For a long time, space flights have been conducted solely for military or scientific purposes. In the hope that someday the average earth citizen will be able to spend his holiday on Mars, many projects were launched to make humanity’s dream come true in the near future.

For now, only multimillionaires have the money to travel into space. To this day, only 7 people had the chance to visit the ISS for touristic reasons, which cost each of them a fortune. The minimum price for such an extraordinary holiday is 20 Mio US$. In 2018, a Russian – American agency is even intending to offer a flight around the moon, which will accordingly cost 150 Mio US$.

The company Bigelow Aerospace as well as the Japanese enterprise Shimizu is right now working on building a space hotel that is able to orbit the earth. The price for such an outer-space adventure is still unknown.

Right now, it seems that we are still far away from enabling us normal citizens to travel to space. However, since it has always been humanity’s dream to conquer space, a multitude of wealthy visionaries, futurist travel agencies and huge companies are competing to send the first average citizen into space. However, if you just won in the lottery, you may be able to leave the earth’s atmosphere in a few years already…