For many, Scandinavia is the most beautiful destination in the world. Aside from the stunning natural spectacles Scandinavia scores with its beautiful old towns perfect for a weekend trip, picturesque forests and fjords, Arctic landscapes and architectural sophistication define the peninsula around Sweden, Norway and, in a broad sense, even Finland.

That’s why Scandinavia is a popular destination. If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and into nature, I recommend a trip to the Sognafjord! The longest and deepest fjord in Europe is located on the coast of Norway and extends 200 meters inland. However, not only the fjord itself is worth the trip. Around the fjord itself, there are high mountains that rise into the sky. The region belongs to the Unesco World Heritage and is developed for tourism.

The Scandinavian forests offer a spectacular sight too. There are even European jungles there although their surface is getting smaller and smaller. At the borders of Finland, there are nature reserves where endangered species find a retreat. The pristine nature is worth a visit!

If you like adventure and if you don’t mind the cold, you should visit the polar region. Not only the play of colors of the Northern Lights, but also the glaciers make the holiday perfect! In the Sarek National Park, you can experience nature at first hand.

If this is too much adventure, you can also check out one of the many beautiful cities, such as those in Norway while Copenhagen, the capital of design, is famous for the clash of young and old.