The days are slowly turning cold and grey. Yes, we all know that winter isn’t the most colorful and cheerful of all seasons. But I prepared for you a recipe which will definitely be a feast for your eyes to brighten up a winter’s day. How about a colorful and delicious apple and beets salad?

Beets are a vegetable which you can definitely call sexy due to its beautiful red color. Pairing beets with apples will on top provide you body with many vitamins and minerals. This will strengthen your immune system, which is extremely important in winter.

For this healthy recipe, you will need:

-1-2 bulbs of beets
– 1apple
– 2 carrots
– 2 figs
-1 lemon
– your favorite nuts
-homemade mustard
-olive oil
-salt & pepper

 salat 3

1.The skinned beets and apples are cut into cubes. Then drip some lemon juice on your apple, which will keep it from turning brown.

2. Grate your skinned carrots into the mixture. The figs are quartered or cut into even smaller pieces if you want.

3. Chop up your nuts and add them to the salad.

4. Now comes the dressing. Mix olive oil with a teaspoon of mustard. Add lemon juice, not too little. Be generous. Don’t forget the salt and pepper. You can also add as much sugar as you please.

salat 2

Well, now pour the dressing over your salad and enjoy. Wow, winter can be this colorful!

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