Gwyneth Paltrow, beauty icon and passionate ambassador of healthy eating and fitness, is known and loved for her immaculate body. Of course maintaining such a fabulous silhouette takes a lot of effort and dedication. Cleansing programs, macrobiotic diets and daily workouts seem to determine her luxurious life. This is something the blonde beauty does not hide from the public, confidently sharing her love for gluten-free foods, detox water recipes, quinoa and pumpkin on her website Initially starting out as a kind of personal guide for healthy eating, Goop grew into a real lifestyle magazine specializing in and promoting health and fitness.

Nevertheless, the “goop” lifestyle of the fairy-like Hollywood icon does not always meet with positive response. Critics are convinced that “orthorexia” would be a more fitting term to describe Paltrow’s health and fitness-based lifestyle. Orthorexia is a growing issue in our modern world, referring to the obsession with healthy eating and living healthy in general. Striving for health and beauty – this is exactly what Gwyneth seems to focus on.

Thus, 300 calories a day are the maximum of what she allows herself to eat during one of her notorious detox programs. For comparison: An adult woman requires 1500 calories a day on average. Well, being addicted to healthy eating can obviously lead to unhealthy effects, as you can see. Nevertheless, Gwyneth is not the only celebrity who declared health and fitness their substitute religion. Just like Gwyneth, Hollywood diva Jennifer Aniston and fashion goddess Victoria Beckham, both never seen with even one excess gram of belly fat on the red carpet, swear by organic, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb and raw kale chips – the probably most hyped food trend from Hollywood where health craze is seen as “chic”.

Image: © Andrea Raffin