Snakes have been one of the top predators on our earth for millions of years. They are so well developed and constructed by Mother Nature that they have barely changed since their first appearance on the evolution chart. And this is exactly why we should stay away from these beasts. Firstly, it should be said that there only are a few snakes which purposely hunt humans – big constrictor snakes. But humans are of course far from being the main prey of these animals, fortunately. Most bites happen during accidents, when we are not careful and attentive enough or even purposely mess with the dangerous reptiles. Here are some tips which can help you not become snake food.

  1. If you enter a snake-infested territory, you should wear thick boots and long, sturdy pants, which can stand snake bites. Wear such garments on warm days above all, if you don’t want to get bitten.
  1. Never touch rock gaps or similar holes where snakes could shoot out and bite you. In these gaps and holes, a snake could rest and feel bothered by you presence.
  1. Don’t dare to shake any branches and vines because there are many snakes which live in trees and if one is falling down on you, well yeah, then you will probably have a problem. You could get bitten
  1. If you are sleeping openly underneath the starry canopy, you should take a thick rough rope and arrange it in a circle around you because many snakes hate crawling on top of rough surfaces, which means they will try to avoid your rope. Well, this method won’t be 100% safe, but it’s still better than cuddling with a rattle snake in your sleeping bag.
  1. If you intend to prepare a snake for food, you should consider that the head can still bite even1 hour after being separated from the body. Of course, the bite of the dead snake will be as toxic as that of a living one. You should bury the head therefore are tear it to pieces.
  1. The following is incredibly crucial. If you see a snake and don’t want to eat it, then you should leave it alone because, in the end, the snake is a beautiful creature, which has the right to live just like you do. Don’t provoke her, but treat her with respect and, above all, keep your distance because snakes can move faster than you think.

Copyright and Source: http://www.wildlife-removal.com/snakesafety.html und http://www.kiraka.de/