„It’s raining cats and dogs“ Everybody knows this proverb which is just expressing strong rain. Well, but most of you probably never experienced real animals raining from the sky. Many of you might even think that this is impossible. Nevertheless, such occurrences did happen before. In the year 1997, in Mexico City and in 2009 in Japan, Ishikawa, it rained frogs. In 1861 in Singapore, it rained fish and in 1894 in Bath, England, jellyfish fell down from the sky. Some sources even document worms, spiders, alligators and other animals falling down from somewhere… the craziest thing about it: The fish and generally the rather light animals survive the downfall. But often, the animals of course don’t get out of this crazy phenomenon unharmed. Sometimes, they are even completely covered with ice. Other times, only body parts rain from the sky. Wow, I wonder how I would react if I saw blood and intestines falling from the sky in front of my eyes.

How this can happen is still something scientists aren’t really sure about. Some theories say that hurricanes or tornados overwhelm these animals and swirl them up into the stratosphere, where they get caught in the clouds and rain down somewhere else. If the animals reach a certain height, they can even freeze and turn into hail. Other theories say that the animals simply emigrate after immense rainfall to settle down somewhere else. In our eyes, it then looks as if it’s raining animals.

Another very bizarre occurrence shocked the world which tells the story of a flying cow which sank an entire Japanese fisher boat. The poor animal fell from a Russian plane and didn’t land softly.

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