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Worldwide countless events revolving around nothing but fashion are taking place right now – at the end of September the international fashion scene – let’s say – “pilgrimed” to the city of love: Paris. There, from September 23rd to October 1st, the Paris Fashion Weekawaited us with the shows of various renowned and famous designers and established labels. On the first day, the designer Corrie Nielsenpresented her collection for the coming year 2015, letting her extraterrestrial fashion capture the Parisian fashion crowd.

Influenced by traditional tailoring, sculpting and maybe astronautics and space travel, the brand Corrie Nielsen stands for luxurious women’s wear. Unique details are part of the collections just like the exclusive fabrics and exquisite accentuations. The fall and winter collection 2014 is for instance playing with different volumes, boyish shapes and edgy, eye-catching highlights. Here, the focus is placed on the extraordinary cuts, which are implemented by using rather discreet colors. Silver and golden, shiny materials, paired with voluminous accentuations, result in a futurist, fashionable image, which truly makes us think of space travel.

The waist, shoulders and legs are particularly emphasized by the cuts. The firm, rigid materials are shaped to form voluminous, bold structures by Corrie Nielsen. Padded shoulders, tops featuring peplum elements and skirts looking like tulips mark this collection furthermore. The extraordinary shapes are used in dramatic dresses and complemented by countless layers of fabric placed on top of each other. Draperies and ruffles define the fashion on top, which is additionally refined by shiny and transparent fabrics.

The plain and simultaneously breathtaking style of the designer is full of eye catchers with class – this collection is a dream for women who love extravagant fashion.

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