“Maker of anything“ – let us think about this self-chosen title carefully which Brian Chan gave himself. Looking at his artworks, you will agree that this title is more than just justified. Brian Chan creates all kinds of things, animals and plants with origami art. Furthermore, he makes use of metal. Furthermore, he is capable of working with 3D prints and laser cutting.

Since elementary school, Brian has been a big fan of Origami Art. Thanks to years of training, he has now reached a level which almost makes his art appear like magic. Out of simple squares, the enthusiast creates incredibly complex shapes. Animals like  lizards and hermit crabs, all kinds of bugs and – this amazes me the most – characters from comics like Iron Man or manga heroes.

All these miniature sculptures are created out of one sheet of paper without cutting it or using glue. This art is created by folding paper and yet complex figures can be shaped. Crazy, I can’t even fold a simple shirt!



Copyright and Source: http://web.mit.edu/chosetec/www/origami/