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Rozbora Couture ‘s face and creative head is Richard Rozbora. . The designer was born in Helsinki. He attaches value to precision and designs refined creations out of noble materials like silk, cashmere, muslin or lace. These materials represent the secret ingredient to the ”elegant city style“.

Richard Rozbora already impressed at the Wiener Fashion Week last year. He also was invited this year and presented his latest spring / summer collection on September 10 at 10 pm. His style repertoire reaches from elegant to classy and simple, but all his creations are united by a uniquely qualitative elaboration.

Every piece of clothing becomes a highlight thanks to the craftsmanship and noble materials. Whether the black draped blazer or the black, transparent blouse- their premium quality lends them an immaculate elegance. He mainly uses purist colors, but we also can find houndstooth patterns on a floor-length coat. Small details consisting of transparent elements or shiny materials improve the feminine and chic effect. This line unites everything women want: from blazers to dresses and from trench coats to duffle coats!

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