The design studio Chen Chen & Kai Williams was founded by two graduates of the Pratt Institute in New York City in 2011. The design studio mainly specializes in furniture, products and materials. Their work has been shown at Moss, Phillips de Pury, The Future Perfect and even at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. Their selection is really complex and doesn’t completely reveal the designers’ focus. The creations don’t only differ in terms of style, material and intended purpose. A bold contrast, which is created by the colors, runs through their product range like a golden thread. While some items explode with luscious colors and patterns, others are defined by a minimalist and clean white style.

Thanks to their product range one receives the chance to really decorate their whole apartment with Chen Chen & Kai Williams items. Their assortment ranges from colorful rugs that remind of stones ,white stone tables or wooden tables and very exceptional trays to bowls in the shape of fruits. The designs of Chen Chen & Kai Williams are characterized by a special touch. They stand out from all the ordinary and show an original character. The creations can be just as playful as they can appear quiet. But they have one thing in common: they are absolutely stylish.




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