This look is a natural eye makeup that is perfect for an every day look. The colors look flattering especially on blue eyes, because they bring out the eye color. If you are trying to complement your eye color, it’s important to choose a color which contrasts your eyes. For blue eyes these colors would be warm tones, especially yellow toned browns.

For this look I used the color ‘Goddess’ by Makeup Geek, which is a bronzy, shimmery brown perfect on blue eyes. Apply the color all over your eyelid.

Then take a matte, light brown shade (‘Soft Brown’ by MAC) and use it to blend out the eyeshadow we used earlier. Also use it on your lower lash line.

To make the eyes look more awake and to bring dimension into your look, it’s important to use a highlight on your brow bone and in your inner corners. Here I’m using ‘Bootycall’ by Urban Decay.

As a last step I applied a black mascara that elongates my lashes on my top and bottom lashes (Maybelline ‘False Lash Effect’).

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