At Zimmerli  of Switzerland, you’ll be able to find all the undergarments you need – be it for day or night; for men or ladies. They have everything your heart could possibly desire, including pajamas, nightgowns, erotic lingerie for her, as well as dressing gowns and boxer shorts for him. Zimmerli of Switzerland makes it clear that housewear can be stylish too!

Be it finely ribbed undergarments or an elegant morning blazer, each and every model is showcased to perfection. Both the fit and the material are extravagant. This season, muted colours dominate the runway, and classic colours such as black and white are being complemented by pastel shades. Floral patterns round off the range, and their simple designs speak volumes.

Instead of overly complicated models, the lady will be able to find classy and timeless underwear and nightwear. Lace details, which emphasize her femininity, have been hidden in the simple design, and pop up repeatedly and subtly.

Fit plays an important role in the men’s line. The undershirt/t-shirt + underwear duo is the timeless classic of the menswear line, and black and white are the colors of the season – they’re elegant, masculine and straightforward. There’s also a wide range of pajamas with a relaxed fit and a classy appearance, perfect for when the night rolls around. This selection is extravagant, demanding and modern.

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