For New Year’s Eve and New Year, it may get a little more extravagant. How about a glamorous cocktail dress? There are rarely events during which this elegant garment can be worn, but New Year’s Eve is one of the few days each year when the refined dress is an appropriate choice. Even the man is allowed to glam up at New Year’s Eve, because we highlight special occasions with special clothing way too rarely.

Here are my ideas for a New Year’s party outfit! My current favorite dress comes from Chi Chi London. The exceptional brand has a wide range of clothes in which you will surely find a dream dress. Feminine, young cuts are paired with glamorous details, providing coolness as well as the desired chic factor equally. My choice is a flared dress made of strong cloth which brings together black and gold in botanical prints. With a round collar and visible seams at the waist, the glamour is complete. The dress is so cool, because it works without accessories. Black pumps, same-colored tights and a loose updo hairstyle complete the look.

The man will be best seen in a suit, nonetheless one that stands out. In 2015, the boring suit is long obsolete. Instead it is pimped with bold and colorful details with which you set unique statements. It can hardly be too colorful. Neon details in stockings and the bow-tie are super trendy. The plainer the suit, the more unusual the accents may be. I recommend a violet and red color scheme as a contrast to eternal black.

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