WE Fashion has just launched a new premium line with their Studio Collection, which is available all year long, but always enhanced by seasonal designs. Also in this summer, the collection convinces with nine refreshing looks from the sophisticated to playful. Women will find urban, glamorous, feminine pieces that are designed to modernity.

You can combine the pieces in numerous ways, forming the basis for many creative looks. The colors of summer are black, white and gray. Thanks to the elegant simplicity of the color, combining becomes much easier. Be it the white tunic, striped blouse or black wrap jacket, these pieces combine refined chic with feminine nonchalance.

While the stylish looks consist of rather monochromatic pieces or contrasting combination of black and white, WE Fashion presents new graphical highlights with striped pieces. In this collection, you will find simple shirts, but also tops with lovely details. I prefer the voluminous and light looks, which flatter the silhouette and set exciting highlights with graphics.

More Information: www.wefashion.nl