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Clara Chon created the very first pieces of her accessories label during her time in college. The brand Blue Blank is located in Auckland, the northern island of New Zealand. At the New Zealand Fashion Week, which opens its gates today, on August 26th, the creative designer will let you get a glimpse into her unique and sometimes quite mystical little world.

You will mainly find leather bags adorned with humorous prints or edgy metal chains and rings in her collection. Those little add-ons turn a simple leather bag into something extremely interesting. So, whoever is on the market for an exciting accessory will be right on top of things with Blue Blank. On top of all of this you will also find add-ons like leather charms. I personally love the shoulder bags, which sport prints like Yin and Yang.

But if you think that’s everything in store, think again because Clara Chon is also known for her handiwork when it comes to fancy leather harness. It doesn’t really matter for what purposes you get one, whether it is for erotic plays or as a part of your outfit, the important this is that with the aid of metal, Horsebit details and numerous straps he harnesses let you appear very interesting and on top of it: unique, especially in your everyday life.

Her show will take place at the New Zealand Fashion Week  on August 26th at 4pm.

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