Lina Berlina is a rather special fashion designer; she’s based in Berlin, but her cultural background stems from something entirely different. She was born in Indonesia, and the cultural influence of her home country can clearly be felt in her collections. Lina researches on and experiments with “Lurik”, a traditional, indigenous cotton fabric that almost fell into oblivion over several decades. As a result, her style has earned the motto of “Magic Stripes”.

Lina Berlina has a knack for seizing upon the interrelation of traditional and modern elements. She creates western, urban collections, but nonetheless they constantly wander into dreamy spheres. A playful “all-business” look could have stood in the foreground, save for the sudden arrival of laces, ruffles and fur. Although her designs are mainly dedicated to women, male designs have increasingly found their place in this collection.

Stripes are favourites in this collection, and are most commonly found in a mixture of earthen tones, as well as blue and black. This makes the powerful pieces all the more surprising – one example is the elegant dress with its strong pink. The delicate but effective details refine the simple and attractive pieces – it’s a dream shared between Indonesia and Berlin!

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