The designer I’m going to introduce to you particularly will make the hearts of those mature women amongst you beat faster, who have a heart for clear structures and slightly feminine silhouettes. This is a look the modern woman will fall in love with. The elegant style is created by classic black and white as well as the use of primary colors.

Elegance in this case means: many details, sophisticated cuts and innovations. Batwing sleeves and quillings, flowing fabrics, bold ornamental seams, cut-outs on the décolleté and many more special attributes mark the designs. Tight-fitting dresses and skirts, feminine blazers and plain tops form the classic, feminine style.

The fashion by Dean Renwick  will lead you through everyday life in a stylish way, no matter what kind of challenges you have to manage. The two-piece ensemble made of a pair of pleated pants and blazer in luscious red for instance can be worn in your free time, but it is also very appropriate for a night out or for your work in the office. The silhouettes are made for mature women, as they flatter your personal female charms and hide problem areas by carefully placing quillings around the waist for instance or by making use of waisted skirts.

In the region  Saskatchewan in Canada, the label presented its latest looks for the tough woman at the Fashion Week on May 8th.

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