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While school sports seems to be rather averagely exhausting, Iceland offers a totally different caliber of PE lessons for children.

Iceland – an island which is marked by winter, ice and no sun makes its population strong and this is really noticeable in their sports schedule. Icelanders run something similar to a military parkour for children and teenagers, called Skólahreysti. Andrés Guðmundsson, former “Strongman” is the inventor of all this.

The special thing about this parkour run is that the athletes have to train with their own weight. They become fit and skillfull thanks to extreme moves. These exercises are mostly done outside the entire year, even when there’s snow. This boosts metabolism even more.

Tires are part of the parkour one has to go through. One also has to pass paresters, nettings and many more obstacles. This run was first spread through Iceland and has now reached the rest of Scandinavia in order to strengthen children. Believe it or not, but Iceland is the country of the giants. Many of the strongest men of the world come from Iceland. The current and two former world champions of Strongman come from Iceland, the island of the Vikings. Also, the actor of “The Mountain” of “Games of Thrones” is Icelander. His name is Halfthor Björnsson, but he likes to call himself Thor. As you can tell, people from the north are really one up on us when it comes to school PE lessons.


Fight-Club-Friday: Teil 36 – Muay Thai

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