In the early 50s the Sportforum was constructed in Berlin Hohenschönhausen. It was East Berlin’s biggest sports complex, and even today is the second largest in the whole of Berlin. 16 Olympic Games were carried out here! Even today, this complex is still a big part of the sporting world – it’s a place where many professionals train for important competitions. It also has an ice rink, which opens annually at the end of every September.

An old recreation center, situated not far away from the main complex, is where people used to spend their free time. It’s where people bowl and host parties. As it was also situated near many apartment complexes, the Sportforum was extremely popular once among a time. After the wall fell, the place lost more and more importance, and while the main complex has survived, many outer parts of Konrad-Wolf-Str. now lie forgotten.

That might be bad news for fans of bowling, but it’s certainly nothing but good news for fans of urban exploring. Several tram stops are situated right next to the entrance, and you can easily get into the building through one of the many broken windows. Wear gloves and thick pants so you won’t get cut by the glass! There’s a lot to discover inside. You might even find some bowling balls, but many of them are broken by now.

Time has come down hard on the place, and we can’t quite believe that this place has been lying idle for only a few years.

The only thing you have to look out for is stuffy residents that might call the police if they see you getting inside!

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