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In the Asian cuisine, something simple as bone broth has been the base of many spectacular dishes for centuries . It’s essentially a staple at home because it often is the foundation for numerous noodle soup recipes we have in Vietnam for instance. To hear that bone broth is now considered the new IT-Food has caught me slightly off-guard until I was introduced to the many benefits the broth had and I didn’t know of yet.

Bone broth is essentially a soup made of roasted bones. The trick: The bones are cooked for at least 12 hours. All that boiling dissolves the bones and all the minerals and nutrients within are set free to roam in the broth. You see, bone marrow is one of the densest sources of fat-soluble vitamins and due to that whole cooking process those vitamins are set free and therefore are extremely accessible to us. There aren’t a lot of studies regarding the benefits of bone broth but it is known that the broth is fully packed with protein and glycine. The latter is amazing for our digestion system as well as for detoxifying our bodies. Also, the gelatine inside our bones are said to be great for our skin and honestly, the occasional broth won’t do you any harm.

Of course there isn’t one miracle drink out there that will cure all of your body problems at once but one thing is for sure: a homemade broth is both rich in nutrients as well as in vitamins and on top of that will curb your appetite. Of course, I recommend using the bone broth as the foundation of amazing soups. Add in spices, vegetables and all the like and you will receive incredible soups Gordon Ramsay would certainly praise because bone broth is not only packed with vitamins. It is also rich in flavour. One thing is for sure, the vegetable broth you get from the supermarket cannot compare with a broth made of bones.

Often, you will come across the bone broth when you do research on the so-called paleo diet which has recently been on everybody’s lips.  Have you ever tried bone broth? What’s your experience with broths altogether?

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