The Indian Fashion house  Kalanjali  considers the conservation and continuation of traditional craftsmanship as its mission. The threat of extinction for some of these techniques is but one reason that fans of the clothing style are concerned about. Although mainly known for elaborate and sophisticated bridal wear, other topics will be covered. Graceful, glorious and exotic – these qualities of India are displayed by Kalanjali in each and every lovingly crafted piece.

Both man and woman will find an oriental item of excellent quality in this extensive selection. Kalanjali uses oriental Sari-cuts and patterns as well as impressive colours to generate feminine and unique fashion. Typical clothes can be found under the everyday tunic collection. The main focus however is on traditional fashion, which stands out due to the wide choices in colour. Glamorous, luxurious and grounded on ancient tradition, these culturally inspired garments enhance the femininity and natural beauty of the wearer. Thanks to the splendid choice of colours, all kinds of styles and tastes among women can be satisfied and their uniqueness amplified.

When it comes to men’s fashion, Kalanjali remains traditional. The robes are characterised by shallow patterns and strong colours. However, the modern brand also uses vintage inspired patterns and colours that prominently raise the traditional charm. Thanks to Kalanjali, the ties of India to its past rituals and crafts is once again highlighted. One can look forward to a colourful spectacle in early August, when the Bangalore Fashion Week celebrates its 11th edition.

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