Are you a fellow lover of layers? Do you happen to looking for some fresh new inspiration? Then it’s high time that I introduced you to the duo Palmer/Harding.  Their summer collection brims with fascinating completed looks, each single one twinkling with its own identity and charming everybody with its breathtaking design effects.

Palmer Harding, who specializes in women’s fashion, has captured a sector that is decidedly not mainstream. While some pieces essential to female fashion have also been included in this collection, they are nonetheless given a new signature. The resulting look is peerless and leaves nothing to be desired.

The delicate color palette of beige, rose, white and yellow seems to be an elaborate scheme to capture the fashion market. There is no one piece that doesn’t radiate an individual shine. The blouse is, for example, individualized with the help of layers around the shoulders and hips. Almost all the creations of this label are completed with steady fabric lines that create a flowing image.

In general, these soft and fluid materials reinforce a delicate, yet classic and self-confident image of the woman. Asymmetricality, ruffles, flowing details and layers dominate the independent image of the urban trendsetter.

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