Louise Amstrup has already gained many experiences. She was born in Denmark, studied in Germany and now lives in England. These experiences are also integrated into her chic collections which focus on the individuality of the wearer. Both the cuts and the prints unify a fresh, young design with elegance, and are a symbiosis between coolness and etiquette.

Feminine and straight designs can both be found in the collection. On the one hand, we have the tapered dresses; on the other hand, there are the boyish looking tops, defined by cropped tops and bomber jackets. Amstrup likes to use oversize-elements for the over garments and adds a big portion of extravagance.

Plain colors meet unique prints! While subtle and classy shades, such as black and white, form the basis, the patterns and prints are designed in a more thrilling way.  Jumbled, differently colored patterns, but also flamingos and cherries decorate the fashion and transform it into an individual, almost girly highlight.

I’m impressed by the skillful mixture between young, modern, elegant and partly funny prints. I really recommend this label to all those who love the exceptional.

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