Last time , I showed you how to make a fire without using matches. What happens when the going gets rough and you don’t have anything to roast your marshmallows?

Easy peasy! The answer is wood! You need a very sturdy, straight stick with a length of 30 cm and a fire board (a big wooden piece which is very soft at the same time). You should be able to cut into it with your finger. Also, look for some tinder and straw.

Carve a little hollow (approximately 2 cm) in the board. Now, put the tinder into the hollow, insert the whorl, press and twist the whorl. This can be quite exhausting, but that’s life, guys. After a while, it should start smoldering. Now, be patient.

Take the blaze (using the whorl) and put it into the straw, just like a nestling. And start blowing softly, but steadily. After a while, the straw will catch alight and you can lay it in the dry wood, which you’ve prepared before.

As I mentioned, it is really exhausting, but if you manage to make the fire, you can call yourself a bushman! If you have a lace with you, create a little bow and use it to chuck the whorl. This will make everything easier. Then, put a piece of bark on the upper end of the whorl in order to put pressure on it, and everything will be much easier.

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