Lately there was a severe earthquake in Nepal which has claimed the lives of thousands and the homes of many more. Not only Central Asia lies in an earthquake zone. Many other countries such as the entire western coast of America, parts of southern Europe and North Africa as well as Australia are situated in threatened areas. But what should you do when the earth quakes?


Crawl under a table or a large cavity. Place a bookshelf against the wall such that it forms a secured triangle. If you are lying down on the bed, stay inside and lay pillows and blankets over yourself and your face. The bathtub is similarly a secure place, lay yourself down and try to place a mattress or something similar over yourself. You can also adopt a fetus-position beside a couch or something similar. Stay away from stairs and lifts – your chances here are pretty low. Try to get as high as possible if you are in already in a building, as your survival chances in the higher floors are significantly better.


Try to move as quickly as possible to an open field, away from roofs und anything else that could drop down. Open places are your best friends, as there is barely anything that could possibly fall on you. If you are driving a car, drive as quickly as possible to the sides of the road. This is the safest option, as you’ll never be able to drive out of an earthquake. Do not stay under bridges or in tunnels! In cities, you should try to keep away from tall buildings. Parks should be your first choice of refuge here.

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