Kahlo was founded in 2011, which makes it a pretty young label. However, this brand succeeds in standing out from the rest of Australia’s fashion world thanks to simplicity and quality. The designs are locally produced and the label only employs the best materials from Australia, Italy and the USA. The brand particularly draws attention with their rather androgynous designs. With clear cuts and the cold colors black and white, this special character trait is emphasized. For this reason the pieces of clothing are rather loose and wide.

Apart from black and white, the nuances orange brown and a bright, pastel blue are used in the new collection. These add color to the clothing line, enriching several outfits. Above all, the clothes made of leather colored in warm, earthy colors caught our attention. With the high-quality materials Kahlo however doesn’t only create elegant pieces of clothing. There are also short jogging suits made of leather.

My ultimate favorite however is a look made of a short skirt and a crop top – both composed of leather. The items are designed in a very certain way: A dividing, ornamental seam runs vertically in the middle of the front. Both halves which clash there however are a bit off-placed which makes the design appear as if it has been irregularly put together. Sophisticated, isn’t it?

Kahlo shows a perfect symbiosis between style and quality with its new collection for spring and summer. The designs are elegant but also casual and convince with clear cuts. This label takes part in the Sydney Fashion Weekend in May. So don’t miss their show.

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Bild- und Informationsquelle: http://kahlo.com.au/ und http://fashionweekend.com.au/