Brazil represents a very colorful fashion where vibrant colors have the supremacy. Often, different colors are mixed together. The resulting look is full of passion and usually accompanied by many accessories. Brazilian fashion stands for an intentional overdose of glamour.

The Brazilian world of design is colorful, versatile and extraordinary. Here is where gallant evening gowns meet striking suits, not to forget the incomparable swimwear “made in Brasilia”. The Sao Paulo Fashion Week is one of the most significant fashion event, sometimes even called the most important fashion event throughout the whole of Latin America.

Since its first event in 1996, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week  has turned Brazilian fashion on its head. Local fashion brands refine themselves to international standards and focus on innovation even till today. Brands and designers from Brazil are now an integral part of the global fashion market, including for example Colcci or designer Francisco Costa.

Apart from the pioneering event, other fringe events take place in order to promote the Brazilian fashion scene. International top models like Naomi Campbell have already walked on its runways. Sao Paulo turns into a fashion stronghold twice a year!

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