The fashion by John Lawrence Sullivan is straightforward, almost linear, clear, purist, modern and architecturally composed. Overall, the fashion brand is presenting a unique type of minimalism and yet makes use of elevated sophistication. In his very distinct and individual way, the ex-boxer Arashi Yanagawi has been creating urban trends since 2003 which we definitely cannot keep from you! Looking at his designs, we are sure that fashion addicts of all types will fall in love with his fashion, no matter whether you are a hipster or looking for an amazing business outfit to impress your colleagues.

You are wondering how these two different styles can actually form a look which actually appears pleasant to the eye? Well, Arashi puts every bit of his passion into his special, clear mix ‘n’ match look which he seems t reinvent masterfully. The summer collection for women features waisted, oversize cloth pants characterized by the business boyfriend style and the matching oversize blazers and shirts. The masculine style looks particularly interesting and will turn the simplest outfit into a fashion-forward statement. Only the dresses in the assortment seem to break through the masculine overall concept and receive a seductive touch thanks to transparent components. Looking at the color palette, we can observe that Arashi placed the focus on dulled colors, concentrating on black white, grey and royal blue.

The men’s collection on the other hand presents classics in a completely new light – everything looks juvenile and simply refreshing. While sports coat and shirts will attract attention with leather elements, mottled fabrics and camouflage prints, the pants fascinate through special cuts. Two versions are placed in the foreground – carrot pants and wide, almost flared trousers – they both exude an innovative aura and coolness.

This year, the designs are presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the first time! This is why you shouldn’t miss out on this fashion spectacle in March!

Copyright and Source: http://www.john-lawrence-sullivan.com