beauty cheats

Hello fellow beauty lovers.

On today’s Tip Tuesday I brought  three beauty cheats for whenever you’re on the-go, running into a beauty emergency.

Cheat No. 1

There are a whole lot of setting sprays out there, the most famous ones being from Urban Decay an MAC. The only problem? They are so expensive!

A couple of months ago I stumbled across a very neat trick whilst browsing the net. I read that a lot of girls used hair spray to set their makeup, which sounds weird but really works. I personally think that it works better than my UD setting spray. You just need a tiny squirt over your make up and it will last all day long. If you have sensitive skin though, I wouldn’t recommend setting sprays in general.

Cheat No. 2

Sticky Bobby pins

I’ve seen tons of pretty girls sporting even prettier hair do’s in the past days. They range from messy buns to pretty braids and nice up do’s. My personal problem? My hair weighs a lot and bobby pins do not tend to hold my hair up.

And that is where hair spray, again, comes in handy. Just cover your bobby pins with the hair spray and they will magically hold your hair up, just like that. It’s amazing.

Cheat No. 3

Hand Sanitizer to tame your bangs

This one goes out to all my ladies that are sporting bangs right now.

Bangs are really high maintenance because they tend to get greasy in no time. A little trick I picked up along the way was to use hand sanitizer to freshen up my bangs before an important meeting.

I always carried a small tube with me and whenever my bangs looked weird and greasy I squirted a couple of drops on my hands, rubbed it between my fingers and brushed through my bangs and voilà, they looked like freshly washed.

That’s it for this week’s Tip Tuesday. I really hope I could give you one or two useful cheats for you to try out.

Yours truly,


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