It’s hard to keep training for ectomorph and hardgainer body types, because training progress is hardly visible at first. No matter how much they eat they stay thin, just like me, I can confirm that. Yet, we should not forget that if muscles get trained anyway, they look extremely defined! I prepared some advices for those of you who, too, have to deal with the ectomorph body type.

1. Short but hard training! Try to do your exercises as short and precise as you can. Take some short breaks, wait until your heart calmed down and move on! Long breaks must be avoided.

2. Try to train as large muscle groups as possible at the same time. Choose exercises that strain multiple muscle groups.

3. Select heavy weights and make less repetitions in case of doubt, muscles grow faster when trained shorter but accurately with heavy weights.

4. Eat several meals throughout the day, about 5 -7. Do not forget about carbohydrates from noodles and bread, proteins from fish and poultry and green vegetables.

5. Even though they might be expensive, you should buy in protein powder for shakes and drink them after training.

6. Eat something before going to bed, because muscles regenerate and recover during your sleep.

7. Plenty of sleep ensures effective regeneration of muscles.

If you need some motivation, think about Brad Pitt who was a thin guy once, but just look at him now!

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