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I’ve been doing my weekly Nail Tutorials for more than a year now and even before my time at Readthetrieb I loved to paint my nails. That’s why it’s no surprise that my nails are often chapped and cracked. That doesn’t look cute at all. Furthermore, if your nails are cracked it’s much easier for fungus and bacteria to get into your nails and spread. Scary, right? That’s why it’s so important to properly care for your nails if you want to continue sporting great manicures on Mondays 😉

Besides tea tree oil and jojoba oil, almond oil is a very popular ingredient for so-called nail oils or cuticle oils. It’s my personal favourite out of those three bad boys when it comes to nail care. The reason for that is the potassium and zinc that makes the nails stronger and durable. And once your nails are more resistant, future breakage and peeling won’t be as much as a problem anymore. You have to imagine it like this: When you massage the oil into your nails, the natural emollient goes into your skin and builds up a protecting wall to prevent the loss of moisture. That’s how your nails and cuticle remain soft but very resistant and will be less prone to cracks.

Here’s where you can get a 100% pure and natural almond oil

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