Hello fellow beauty lovers.

It’s very hard to deny that the Grey-phenomenon is practically ubiquitous. I have to admit that I have never read the book because I heard that the writing is just awful. But seeing that everybody and their mums are anticipating the movie that starts this Valentines weekend and the fact that you can now even wear lingerie from the Grey-Trilogy, I may read it after all. OPI teamed up with the movie to bring out 6 limited shades that are named after specific sequences of the movie/book. I for one am a huge fan of different shades of greys (as in the nail polish), which is why I am really looking forward to get my hands on them.

Cement The Deal” is a blue-based, cool grey.
Embrace The Grey” is a chic grey crème and very cool based.
My Silk Tie” has a beautiful soft silvery shimmer
Dark Side Of The Mood” is a beautiful dark charcoal and my personal favourite.
Shine For Me” is a sparkling silver polish with amazing blue glitter.
Romantically Involved” represents a true and clean red.

The collection is already released in the States. As for Germany, we can expect those beauties right after Valentine’s Day when the movie premieres.

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