It barely gets more spirited than Pineda Covalín! The Mexican label by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Colaín is showing us the “Dia de los Muertos” – “The day of the dead”. There’s no way you would miss a woman wearing Pineda Covalín! On the one hand, all the colors let her shine from afar already and on the other hand, because the flowing cloths will make your head spin after she passes you. So you’re bound to throw a glance after her!

It looks as if bombs filled with colors struck the past fall and winter collection, resulting in an insane whole package with the hypnotizing and psychedelic designs. Literally. A great thing about the label Pineda Covalín is the men’s line, because the color bombs hit there just as hard.

Now the obvious question is, where’s the difference in summer collection and winter collection if they’re all just as colorful? For summer, Pineda Covalín also has swimwear in store! And there’s another subtle difference in the garments for men and women. It’s getting even lighter, even brighter and even more transparent!

I am really excited to see Pineda Covalín at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México. They’ll be storming the catwalk on the first day of the fashion week, April 1st, 2014.

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