The maritime style is all the rage this summer. Aside from an outfit, you’ll also surely need some matching accessories. Besides jewelry and handbags, you can also easily adjust your shoes to fit the nautical look – be they Crocs, canvas shoes, sandals, or pumps!

We women are offered an especially large range of products. The absolute showpiece is the peep-toe, which is often shown to have a blue, red and white colour combination. You can wear it with any outfit, but it looks particularly good in combination with a sailor dress in a pin-up style. Alternatively, you can herald the summer by combining it with simple jeans, and this works especially well when the shoes come in navy blue with stripes or a red maxi-bow. Another possibility is the peep-toe look with raffia wedges.

That brings me to another must-have of the summer: the maritime sandal and its counterpart, the ballerina slipper. Thanks to their blue and white stripes with nautical motifs, as well as strappy details and winding elements, they fit the theme pretty well.

Whether you prefer high heels or sneakers, it’s a wise move to extend your maritime style to include shoes. Why not reap the benefits of the remaining warm weeks and go pick up this blue-and-white all-rounder? The sailor look is timeless, and it’s also going to be a must-have in the summer of 2016!

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