Nowadays, many people call themselves fashion designers. However, one who is more than worthy of this title is Kristy De Cunha. At the Lakmé Fashion Week in India, she proves her skills this March. Oriental sophistication and Asian quirkiness are the favourites of her style which cannot save itself from feminine beauty. Colour intensity and pattern affinity consistently ensure a contagious joyfulness.

Thanks to the emphasized femininity, a touch of seduction lies dreamily in the creations. This is similar to a gentle touch which tenderly completes the merriment in the spotlight, rather than covering it. Neon-colours combine intensively and prance expressively in patterns around one another. The ladies’ collection appears classical in its Asian intensity – skirts and dresses with different lengths stand at the peak of the design.

Although the designer is especially dedicated to the female wardrobe, models for men have been gradually appearing in the collections. One of these lines strongly opposes the elegant Asian style which I have previously described. It is a young streetwear with urban characteristics. Transparency comes into play here! The same goes for the modern hits for kids who can dress themselves up impressively.

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