Vagabond has been one of the leading trend labels for shoes for years and is particularly been known for the immaculate implementation of the hottest trends. The label has been undergoing a huge change and transition since its foundation in the 60ies in Sweden. Surprisingly, Vagabond started out as a men’s shoe brand. Today however, this label is in the first place loved for its amazing women’s shoes. In recent years, this iconic shoe brand has reached a new climax in terms of popularity, now distributing its incredible shoe designs in more than 42 countries.

Today, I am therefore going to present the top 5 of women’s and men’s shoes for you in order to give you an insight into the new collection.


5. Kasai Sneaker in indigo blue

This sleek-looking sneaker made of leather, synthetics and textiles will keep your feet warm in the spring season because sometimes in spring you have the feeling that summer is still far away. But you will immediately find comfort and joy in the beautiful indigo color of the woven material. What a stunner.

4. Leroc lace-up shoes made of black patent leather

Classic lace-up shoes are more and more en vogue. This model is furthermore provided with a pointy shoe tip, which is certainly giving the design the certain something. I can absolutely imagine these gems worn with an A-shaped skirt or a dress like the ones it-girl Alexa Chung loves to wear.

3. Dion Ankle Boot made of white leather

These models are the epitome of the 90ies. Dion impresses with a massive track sole medium-high heel. Since these shoes are furthermore provided with a plateau, walking in them will feel absolutely comfortable.

2. Kenova Combat Boots in blue

A rustic classic, the lace-up combat boots with a thick track sole. The model Kenova is furthermore decorated with a peek-a-boo pattern which reminds you of classic brogues. What a nice twist.

1. Marja Chelsea Boots in black

This classical shoe can indeed be considered absolutely timeless thanks to its slinky slightly pointy shape and medium-high shaft. Completely made of leather and provided with leather-covered rubber insertions and leather toe cap, this shoe is a must-have for all female fashion victims out there.


5. Jayden lace-up boots in cognac

This slim boot can be easily incorporated into any casual outfit. Thanks to its very classical design, you can actually wear it with all kinds of styles. Amazing.

4. Philip Plimsoll

The slip-on made of black Nubuk leather with a decorative peek-a-boo pattern is a fancy sneaker model you should go for.

3. Grafton Desert Boot in brown

This is a classic in fall and winter with an ankle-high cut and made of suede which is very typical of desert boots. Yes, guys. These boots belong to the wardrobe of any male fashionist.

2. Hustle lace-up boots in black

This classical shoe can be worn on a daily base thanks to its noble but nonchalant suede material. This shoe is perfect for any man who wants to show his classiness without appearing too eccentric.

1. Giorgi Monk shoe in black

What an eye catcher! The black monk featuring two buckles is actually extremely classical. However thanks to the track sole, this gem was given an amazing twist. This is a shoe with a distinct personality and therefore probably not anyone’s taste. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that the Giorgi shoe represents a wonderful fusion of two styles. Who likes it a tad more eccentric should take buying these beauties into consideration.

All in all, we can all agree that the newest Vagabond collection is a hit. The winter season awaits you with classics which come with a nice twist.

What’s your opinion on Vagabond’s latest collection?