Martin Margiela founded the Maison Martion Margiela in the year 1988. Since then, it has been standing for luxury and extravagance. The designer presents haute couture and offers thrilling avant-gardist fashion. Thus, each collection is graced with a refreshing component full of surprises.

The “Artisanal” collection draws its life essence from its oriental flair. Loose robes and gowns, unusual patterns and colors, which remind you of desert sand and the morning sun, form the breathtaking look. The striped skirt in pastel colors or the coat adorned with shimmering stars fill your wardrobe with an oriental ambient.

The designs which appear as if they have been taken out of the world literature classic 1001 Nights impress with their thrilling pictures. The dark base colors are embellished with abstracts shapes, architectural formations and sculpture-like figures. The diversity of colors, cuts, patterns and prints turn the collection into a dreamlike adventure. You like the combination of the oriental, vintage charm and old-school tattoos?

Let yourself get carried away by designer Martin Margiela, let him lead you to another world.

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