The women’s wear collection by the brand Etro this summer is all about prints and patterns, which is extremely typical of this iconic brand. The different patterns clash with each other in all kinds of styles and variations on light breezy dresses for instance. Furthermore, various prints have been incorporated into sophisticatedly layered outfits which are totally en vogue this year. Dressed in Etro, you can enjoy a fabulous day out, take a walk on the beach or even roam the city in the most stylish way possible. Inspired by the ethno trend which truly has been capturing the entire fashion world for years, Etro is combining ornamental prints with flowery motifs.

The silhouettes and the fabrics of the designs softly embrace the body and definitely leave enough space to move freely. They move and swing lightly with the cooling and gentle spring breeze and make you look absolutely perfect for a walk in the park or for an afternoon spent in the nearest café. Making use of a color palette ranging from pastel beige to soft blue, Etro struck the next clou by incorporating beautiful violet and red shades into the designs. Indeed, the soft colors are the very essence of the different Etro prints.

The label furthermore impresses with reduced and yet very elegant cuts complemented by light fabrics which give you the feeling of lightness and being connected with nature. With the incorporation of artistically arranged pattern compositions, Etro truly succeeded in establishing an image any fashion addict will immediately associate with this brand. Well, the coming summer looks incredibly colorful to me and promises many memorable adventures!