Sometimes, less is more – and that’s entirely true when it comes to Alessandra Chamonix. This Venetian label runs under the direction of the designer Alessandra Battistella, and it thrives on the idea of one special piece of clothing: the parka. Originating from the Inuit, it’s name means “heat”. It’s supposed to keep one warm, even when snow and ice try to crawl up their spines with icecold fingers.

However, that doesn’t mean that the parka can’t be transformed into an all-year-round piece, as seen in Alessandra Chamonix’s new spring/summer collection of 2015.

The label’s philosophy lies in letting women wear parkas with their own individual interpretations. Inspired by feminity, the designer has chosen names like Pauline, Ines or Angeline, and she uses lushly mossy and fir green colours in her latest parka collection. Alessandra Chamonix also plays with different collar shapes – they can be loose or flexible, pointed or rounded, or even the popular stand-up collar.

Besides the long parka, there’s also the “Ginette”, which is a rather short piece with glittering brooches. It’s a piece for confident women who demand a certain something from their outfits. The prominent brooches differ in shape, colour and type of jewels. They accent the parkas brilliantly, and let wearers shine.

Alessandra Chaminox is a sophisticated and unique brand, and we shouldn’t miss out on their ready-to-wear line!


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