LUBULU was already introduced with her collection for fall and winter 2013/14. She has shown her talent for prints, which you can now also admire in her new collection, The silhouette stays feminine but the color changes according to the season.

In her collection for fall and winter, the main focus was on the color black. Through the change of the season, now the main color is white and stays constant throughout her collection. On this foundation, flowery patterns are shown. Looking at this collection, a magical garden appears in front of my eyes.

While some of her pieces are fully covered with these prints, others are embellished with just a thin line. According to the subject, the patterns are all green. There is another print layer, which almost appears like a thin veil placed upon the designs.

The designs are all very feminine. Wide hems freely swing around the legs.  LUBULU promises a casual and light summer. Unlike her collection for fall and winter, here you can even find boyish designs. LUBULU presents its feminine side once again. With swing and lightness, they prepare you for summer and male you smile with the aid of their colors and patterns.

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LUBLU, for women – Fall/Winter 2013/14

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