A real must-have for everyone who loves the laid-back hippie look is the label Carolina K. founded in the year 2003. The designer’ and founder’s full name is Carolina Kleinman. The ideas for her extravagant collections are inspired by her many journeys all around the world. She allows herself to be exposed to all the influences the foreign cultures and exotic countries exert, these influences are projected onto her looks. Furthermore, she lets her multi-faceted interests flow into her collections. Carolina places a great deal of importance on treating her employees in a very ethical way. For this reason, she makes sure everyone in her enterprise works under excellent working conditions. In addition, she supports fair trade. The creative designs of the label are by now available all around the world.

In the collections of the label, knitwear and awesome vintage products and jewelry are offered. Recently, sweet collections for kids became a part of the assortment as well. This collection doesn’t stand second to the label’s women’s fashion. Moreover, the designer presents wonderful pillows with beautifully colorful sheets in her home collection.

The clothing by this label is unique. The cool hippie look and the trendy vintage garments complete each other perfectly. Black and white or colorfully striped leggings breathe life into the outfit. The cozy knit cardigans and ponchos should be part of every wardrobe as well. With the colorful patterns and the eye-catching designs, they add color to everyday life. Even combined with simple jeans, they are a real eye-catcher. Boredom is something with doesn’t exist here. Thanks to sophisticated details, every model is transformed into a masterpiece. With big, colorful buttons or fringes, the designer creates highlights. Sweet dresses in black have wonderful flower embroideries on the sleeves, which can also be seen on a cool oversize T-shirt.

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