Dimitri not only stands for breath-taking womanliness, but also for quality “Made in Italy“. The name giver of the fashion brand is the designer Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos who founded it in the year of 2007. Previously, he was employed by several top brands, among others Hugo Boss and Vivienne Westwood. Dimitrios’s boundless creativity drives him forward and brings him universal, positive feedback.

No wonder that women all around the world fall in love with the ready-to-wear collections as these cannot be compared with anything else! Wonderfully, the designer plays with the feminine charm and, with every design, pays tribute to the wearer and her beauty. The designs are sophisticated and simply beautiful – but also cheeky and brave.

The winter collection 2015/2016 takes its place in a truly unique portfolio and promises glamour in a somewhat different style. Refreshing colours, surprising fabric combinations and seductive cuts are three of the reasons to fall in love with the fashion for the winter. The colour palette ranges from playful red shades to green and beige all the way to black.

Every single piece of clothing contains individual details which once again refines the basic form. Examples are the naughty fur appliques, folds, ruffles, ribbons, glossy-effects and Aztec patterns. Through the fur, leather and the patterns, the elegant casual-line receives an Indian-like character. Dimitri will display his new collection for spring and summer 2016 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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