In the world of fashion, Russian fashion house Chapurin is known for their extravagant designs, dedicated solely to the needs of the demanding woman. The label has a large assortment that includes a home line, jewellery, accessories, and of course, the most important and most celebrated of all: the haute couture line.

In 2015, they’ve once again gone the way of stylishness and class. With the focus having been set upon one-pieces, two-parters and dresses, the pieces’ classic shapes have been retained while playful details reimagine their overall image. The haute couture collection is extremely elegant and feminine, and was clearly designed to skillfully emphasise the wearer’s advantages. Simplicity and detailed sophistication merge into a common whole, bringing us the best of the classical and the modern.

Cuts follow an elegantly feminine direction that is equal parts simple and equal parts clever. Playful details on the cleavage, waist or shoulders embellish each piece, among them peplum, ruffled belts, big bows and all sorts of exceptional draping, as well as asymmetrical features and sweeping, flowing bottoms.

The secret lies in a hidden sophistication – the simplicity you see in the pieces is subtly deceptive. The colour palette, which revolves around black, chestnut and red, is loud and expressive, yet calm and elegant. Each garment usually has only one shade, which enables the added details to stand out even more.

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