The fashion marked by a lot of knitted elements by the label Voodoo is made for modern women who are not afraid of changes. Design by design, the style evolves with them. Some will see the focus to be on the feminine silhouette but others will say that the look is elegant or sassy and also colorful.

The oversized tops are now in trend with which you can create a simply casual look. Be it the orange knit sweater or the light grey knit shirt, all of them are extremely comfortable and they give you the opportunity to combine them however you want. Apart from that, the colors of the winter collection are kept rather dark with grey and black tones which are complimented with accessories and other elements of fall tones, such as brown and mustard.

This collection gets a touch of Rock with studs and leather items. The little black dress is paired with a leather jacket, turning the dress into a real eye catcher yet it’s absolutely casual. At Voodoo, the short skirts are worn just like the dresses, namely with colorful tights. The jeans are simply worn with a t-shirt or a sweater.
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