Hee Lim is an American with Korean roots living in Brooklyn New York. He moved there from Chicago in order to start his studies at Parsons New School for Design in 2006. In his final year he was even nominated for the best designer of the year. He also gained some experiences as an assistant for Wayne Lee and during other freelance jobs for smaller labels. Currently, he’s focusing on his own new eponymous label.

He concentrates on creating clothing that is seen as a being which provides security. He searches for functions which might be convenient and therefore gets his inspiration from new technologies.

The garments interact with the body, which is impressively shown in his new spring/ summer collection 2014. He plays with straps which hold together the different pieces of the designs and also make it possible to tighten or to pull them up. The loose straps swing around with the moves of the wearer and make the designs vivacious. Lim reduces the wide look by keeping the colors muted, using only some blue and orange in order to put some emphasis on a sporty look. The rest is kept in white.

Hee Lim really deserves the prize as the best designer of the year. His designs are innovative, functional and rich in detail. These features also make his new collection so special.


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