Rrrrrr, is it Mexican or African? I have no idea. I know another thing: It’s getting wild! Royal Closet  fashion label founders Montserrat Oliver and Barbara Coppel know exactly what they’re doing. They’re living up to their Latin-American origins and are extracting the heat and the passion from other continents to mix a wild cocktail.

However, we actually have to thank Carlos Ortega for this extravagant summer collection for 2014. He’s the Creative Director and decided to change Royal Closet to a lifestyle label in 2011. This collection really does resemble a whole new image for women when compared to most designers, who preferred a minimalist collection with muted colors. Without becoming a victim of the mainstream, Royal Closet does not fully dissociate from it. Because African, ethnic and exotic looks also are in this summer. It’s just that they’re showing everyone they have the courage for something outstanding.

The orange and olive green high-necked blouse collars turn the woman with the war paint into an urban wildcat or a tribal warrior.The turbans and the statement jewelry have something tribal to them, without letting them look too fussy or unsuitable for the daily routine. But I admit, it does take quite some confidence to differ from the crowd. Would you take the plunge?

Royal Closet are gracing the third evening at the  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México at 21:00 with their show.

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