The second star of our four exclusive digital covers of Schön! 38 | people with voices is none other than Miss Fame, sportingGaultier Paris.

When we met Miss Fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race, her mission statement was simple: “Leave a beauty mark on the face of the planet.” Five years on, she has done just that. Speaking from her NYC apartment, Miss Fame sheds light on the importance of identity and agency. Since Drag Race, she has recorded an album, performed around the world, launched her own make up line, and broken modelling barriers by being the only drag queen signed to major agencies. Yet, she still believes there’s more work to be done.

Discover the full editorial, photographed by Antonio Eugenio + styled by Gianluca Cococcia,and interview in Schön! 38 #PeopleWithVoices by clicking here.

You can download your issue of Schön! 38 with this digital-only cover exclusively here.

Bild und Text-Quellen: Amazon, SchönMagazine