Got an urban style and wanna show it off with some matching sophisticated accessories? Then the summer collection by Kenzo is just for you. This label produces not only clothing for men and women, but also matching accessories. There are so many innovative possibilities for you men to complete your style with!

The Kenzo-design is extremely futuristic and plays with elements of the modern world. Again and again, we see elements of inspirations from architecture and sculpture. The shoes, watches, jewellery and other accessories surround your outfit, forming a harmonious package with a tinge of athletic chic. Sportiness and elegance are incompatible? You must be kidding! Kenzo shows you how it’s done.

The symbol of strength, the tiger, plays an overarching role and accompanies you through the selection of the accessories. The face of the tiger finds its place as a motif on the sneaker and the watch. Similarly, sunglasses and bags belong to the assortment of summer accessories. Their high quality is evident at first glance and testifies to the durability of the pieces.

With their different blue tones and patterns, the sneakers are invariably an eye catcher – they can even be worn with an elegant outfit! Further accents can be made with the maxi-bag or the modern city backpack. Slap a cool cap on, and you’ll be the very definition of casual stylistic confidence!

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