There’s no way to stop christmas from arriving at our doorsteps and every year holidays seem to surprisingly roll up on us, full of chaos and capitalism. The necessity to buy gifts is unavoidable, which leaves us almost with no other choice but to invade shopping malls where we then inevitably have to fight our way through all those other lost souls. In order to show some appreciation and love to the people we hold dear, we push through those busy weeks. You can dislike it as much as you want, but social responsibilities and your mother’s disappointed face prevent you from breaking out.

But what if christmas isn’t as bad as we perceive it to be? Maybe if we get rid of some annoying christmas songs and distance ourselves a little from a couple of traditions, christmas can be quite enjoyable.

All in all, making a present to someone isn’t that bad. Mostly, it’s the stress that drags us down because we try to make every relative happy. Just don’t fall into despair. Drop the level of perfectionism and start to perceive gifts as nothing but small acknowledgements. You do not need to bombard your loved ones with expensive presents every single year. Some self-made present can do the job perfectly well, too!

Moreover, the festive christmas dinner does not have to equal a masterpiece. Most importantly, we should bear in mind to appreciate spending time with people we genuinely care about.